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Month: May 2006

  • LDS Church, Kensington, MD- In 2006, we blasted, primed and gilded the panels cladding the spires and re-gilded the sculpture of the Angel Moroni from a crane basket at over 250’ in the air. A total of over 4,500 Sf of 23.75 KT gold leaf was applied.

    A Golden Opportunity to See Old-World Artisans

    By John Kelly (http://www.washingtonpost.com) God works in mysterious ways. And when He doesn’t want you hanging a huge halo off the steeple of one of His churches, it’s best...

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  • Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA- At over 8,000 square feet, the ribbons of the Acoustical Canopies were gilded in aluminum leaf.

    Good as Gold

    By Eileen Smith Dallabrida (http://www.paintsquare.com) he ancient Egyptians loved to decorate. As early as 2300 B.C., they were gilding their sarcophagi the earliest examples of the art form. They...

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  • Dennis Da Silva smooths a layer of gold onto the statue Moroni at the Mormon temple in Kensington.

    Gilders restore temple’s statue

    Every day hundreds of people pass the Book of Mormon prophet and angel, Moroni, on their commute across the Beltway without giving him a second thought. (http://www.gazette.net) But in...

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