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Architectural Gilding Services


Gilder’s Studio offers world-class architectural gilding services as evidenced by our  meticulous preparation and installation. We are frequently called upon to investigate failing gilding systems. We have been retained by federal, state and local governments to inspect exterior domes as well as interiors.  We have the most experienced, trusted, and qualified team of talented artisans and gilders from all over the country.

Regarding architectural gilding services, our extensive experience is unmatched on the exterior and interior. We pride ourselves on the fact that, for decades, we have provided more architectural gilding services than any other existing firm. Our exhaustive testing and detailed preparation enable us to provide the client with the finest results.

With decades of experience all over the world, we’ve become a trusted ally within the industry. We make it our top priority to maintain superior levels of professional service, which results in long-term relationships.

At The Gilders’ Studio, you’ll find a team of knowledgeable experts for your next project. If you have questions regarding any of our services, feel free to use our contact page to reach us today.